Improve your life

Throughout my career I have grown increasingly interested in the field of hypnotherapy. I am therefore able to help clients therapeutically through hypnosis, and has further completed training in ego state, Eriksonian and medical hypnotherapy. I believe there are unlimited way for people to use hypnosis and improve their lives. 

According to theories of hypnotherapy, the mind has the power within it to create healing and wellness. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, a state of mind where the body is relaxed and the mind is concentrated and more open to receive and accept suggestions. Through hypnosis I am able to help with:

  • Fears, anxiety, and Post-trauma anxiety, Grief and Loss
  • Depression, Anger, Stress, Sleep Disorders
  • Business (Increase productivity, confidence, enhance sales ability, public speaking, assertiveness etc.)
  • Personal Issues (Studying, Self improvement, motivation, attaining goals, Increasing confidence, building a positive mental attitude, and relationship issues)

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